01 Feb 2015 03:00 am

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Jane: Louwrens ... are you ... ?
Louwrens: Never mind, it's not as serious as it looks. / I don't think that we need to expect further opposition: I "got rid" of quite a few of the Anakim's soldiers on the way here ... / ... and I reckon Pinard wouldn't have shown up with fewer people than he could get together.

Jane: Then the question is just ... what do we do about this thing?
Louwrens: I might have a plan ...

Louwrens: We don't have time to figure out how it works. We have to simply destroy it, that's the only way ... / ... and I might have just the thing ...

Jane: Um ... ?
Louwrens: My reactor. / If it runs at full capacity, the magnetic bottle in which its nuclear reaction takes place is destabilized, and its fuel reserve is exposed to the reaction, then it can cause some nice fireworks ... / ... but I'll need your hands, to take it out of my chest in the first place ...

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