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24 Jul 2016 03:00 pm

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so save today the secrets that you prayed for
and wait 'cause we deserve it so much more
so save the secrets that you prayed for
I'll see you on the other side
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Reply Wolfie_Inu, 24 Jul 2016 03:59 pm

Fraktaal deur: XaoS sagteware / Fractal by: XaoS software


Jane: Very well, then. You probably remember how my father's device, which works like this "artefact," displaces people between planets. / The problem: the more mass is displaced, the greater is the volatile reaction when that mass arrives at its destination.
Louwrens: Of course ...
[See page: "Misluk"]

Jane: The solution to this is to displace the person that is being transported not as a physical object, but in the form of an energy pattern - by way of a so-called "teleporter." The mass is not zero, but is significantly lower. / By itself, a teleporter can only displace someone by a couple of kilometers, but combined with star-gate technology ... you follow?
Louwrens: I see. That's why I was transported through space as a ball of energy that other time. I was wondering about that.
[See page: "Komeet Louwrens."]

Jane: But that causes a problem. Over such distances, the integrity of the signal will suffer damage. What's more: this type of energy pattern is fractal in nature. Even a small amount of "noise" in the signal can therefore have serious consequences.
Louwrens: But I'm standing here, so someone presumably came up with a way to compensate for it. Probably by assuming that any more or less person-shaped object is a Khanite.

Jane: Not really. I'll demonstrate. Let's say I were to cause a very specific type of noise in the energy pattern ...
Louwrens: Wait ... I haven't agreed to anything ... !

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